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>> However, this took the members of the Ace Corps
>>out of the front lines during a critical phase of the war; it was only
>>the final Battle of A Bao A Qu that a squadron of Ace Corps pilots
>>entered combat. Among the members of this test corps were Johnny
>>Thomas Kurtz, and Gerald Sakai.
> Did Anavel Gato also fly one? In the opening flashback OYW
>in Gundam 0083, we see a close up of a Gelgoog. When the scene cuts to
>the interior of the hangar bay, though, we see Gato about to board what
>I presume is a Rik-Dom. I always assumed that the shot of the Gelgoog
>was a shot of Gato in action, with the hangar scene occurring after
>returned to base for whatever reason. I'm not so sure, now...

He might have been flying a Gelgoog during the battle, but was too
to continue. Thus, he enters the hanger of Delaz's ship hanger to get
another MS to go back into combat. Basically at that junction, you grab
what is available, and they sure are not going to fix his original MS in
a flash.

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