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>Sean Maroney asks,
>>A request to all the tech-heads of the mailing list. Being the savage
>>that I am, I have little knowledge of written Japanese. This makes
>>reading all the wonderful technical data on my favorite Mobile Suits
>>impossible with the books I have.
> Here is my request... Do any of you know any thing about the
>>development history, operational use, etc. of the MS-14 family of Mobile
>>Suits? Spare no detail!
> Ha ha ha! As you wish...
        Thanks for this, Mark. Something I wanted to know about as well.
I just have one question...


> However, this took the members of the Ace Corps
>out of the front lines during a critical phase of the war; it was only at
>the final Battle of A Bao A Qu that a squadron of Ace Corps pilots actually
>entered combat. Among the members of this test corps were Johnny Ridden,
>Thomas Kurtz, and Gerald Sakai.

        Did Anavel Gato also fly one? In the opening flashback OYW scene
in Gundam 0083, we see a close up of a Gelgoog. When the scene cuts to
the interior of the hangar bay, though, we see Gato about to board what
I presume is a Rik-Dom. I always assumed that the shot of the Gelgoog
was a shot of Gato in action, with the hangar scene occurring after he'd
returned to base for whatever reason. I'm not so sure, now...

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