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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Mon, 4 Jan 1999 22:42:32 -0700 (MST)

> UC 0079, as a successor to the MS-06 Zaku series for use in space - while
> the MS-07 Gouf, and then the MS-09 Dom, were to take over for the Zaku on

  I was always under the impression that the Gouf was simply the "New Zak"
(I.e., both ground and space fighting unit) in the pre-GM era. Once the
GMs came around, the Goufs were instantly obsolete...

> the ground. Initial development proceeded under the model number MS-10, but
> in reaction to the Earth Federation's RX mobile suits (which first entered

  My impression was that the MS-11 Acht Zaku was basically a souped up
space-superiority Gouf... basically a little better than a Zak-R and the
farthest the Zions could push the Zaku design technology.

> model number MS-14 (freeing up the model numbers MS-10 through MS-13 for
> the contemporaneous Pezun Project). As an interim replacement for the aging

  What were the results of the Pezun project again? Who made the MS-15

> Zaku, Zeon considered the MS-06R-2 High Mobility Zaku and the MS-R09, a
> space version of the Zimmad Company's successful MS-09 Dom; the latter was
> chosen for mass production, pending the Gelgoog's arrival.

  The MS-09 was always slated to be the advanced ground-Zaku replacement
from what I remember, while the MS-09R Rick Dom is the stopgap
space-superiority version, though it was never specifically designed for
that. (Suprisingly, they never outfitted it with beam weapons or anything
significantly different from the 'zooks they give the ground versions).
  I wonder if perhaps they didn't belive in Beam Weapons at the time when
the Dom came around?

> this elite "Ace Corps," based around the Zanzibar-class mobile cruiser
> Chimaera, fine-tuned the Gelgoog, tested new equipment options, and
> practised combat manuevers. However, this took the members of the Ace Corps
> out of the front lines during a critical phase of the war; it was only at
  Yeah, it's one of the most foolish things the Zions did. Making a
collection of elite knights while the war crumbled around them and their
pilots were dying right and left!

> numbered 83 standard MS-14A units, 67 booster-equipped MS-14B units, and 15
> beam cannon-equipped MS-14C units, plus a handful of last-minuted variants

   Did the cannon help much? I mean, was it that much better than the
beam-rifles or more useful? Was it designed for anti-ship use or something
like that?

> such as the MS-14F Gelgoog Marine and MS-14Jg Gelgoog Jaeger.

   Well, the F version isn't that unlike the A version is it? The FS
version looks at least to me pretty much like a limited-production version
of the JG.

> Dom. The Master Grade kit manual further claims that manufacturing was
> farmed out to all Zeon's mobile suit makers, and the modular design allowed


> variants intended only for space combat replace these jet engines with
> forearm-mounted machine guns, shields, missile launchers, et cetera.

   The first example of truly modular design in Gundam! Pity it's not used
again until what, F-90?


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