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Mon, 04 Jan 1999 21:33:53 PST

>Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 10:32:51 -0800
>From: Mark Simmons <>
>Subject: Re: What I've learned from Giren's Greed...
> No, really! I figured that, playing as Giren, I'd get to see secret
>cut-scene footage from the early days of the war - the Earth invasion,
>conquest of Odessa and New York, et cetera. And, lo and behold, I have
>just that (turns out the New York footage plays after you capture
>Kilimanjaro, and you can have Giren do his eulogy for Garma as a

Incredible! I've gotta see that. Argghhh! I've got to get my Saturn
fixed NOW!

> But now I'm hooked. After I sent Ranba Ral the Doms he asked for, he
>and destroyed White Base(!), giving me a working chance to change the
>course of history and yoke all of humanity to the chains of Zeon! Bwa
ha ha

Too bad its non canonical Mark. However, we could still hope. 8)


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