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At 19:57 1/4/99 -0700, you wrote:
> Ten ships then...
> Sounds like basically a Battleship in the lead, followed by the carrier,
>two cruisers to the sides, and a cordon of six destroyers. Makes sense for
>a "Squad" of ships but it seems pretty bare.

        Okay, here's my 2 cents' worth. Just remember tha I'm not that good
a Gundam fan and that I'm working off what I think is an ideal formation, 'kay?

        Basically, I would like a CV, 1 BB and 2 CAs, accompanyied by 6 ~ 8
DD. That'll give me enough AA/AMS fire in all possible directions
(up/down/left/right/front/back) as well as the punch necessary to fight off
another fleet.

>> >0083 - In episode 5, the Albion linked up with two Salamis-class
>> >cruisers which preceeded her in close formation.
> Funny, I don't remember that in Ep#5. Hm.

        I remember that, after all, Cima (one of my fav bad gal, does anyone
agree that she's amazingly like Karla of Lodoss War) blew one of them to
bits in the most offhand (and insulting) way possible. =)

> Seriously though, don't you think the Fed government and people would be
>very concerned that this 'rebel' group AEUG had _capitol_ ships in its
>aresenal? I mean, it's like if someone just decided to steal the US 7th
>fleet and launch attacks on America! From what I've seen of ZG, the
>political situation is considerably more subdued.

        I bet they are. It's either they don't have enough resources to go
after them, or someone was pulling strings with the Feds.. =)

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