Re: What I've learned from Giren's Greed...

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Mon, 4 Jan 1999 22:04:56 -0700 (MST)

> You're right but I was also considering those times in between battles when
> the fleet would be one cohesive unit. Don't they have mail ships, armament
> resupplies? They can't have to go back to base for that every time in the

  I get the impression that the Fed simply send mail and supplies on fast
hard-buring Freighters that shoot up, rezendezvous with the fleet, and
then go back to Earth.

> I am assuming that mobile suits are more maneuverable than the capital ships,

  Of course...

> meaning that the mobile suits would take the role of F-14s have for their
> carriers, long-range protection umbrella, especially if radar is useless. If

  Well, I don't quite think it would work that way.
  The F-14 does fleet defense by relying on its powerful radar systems and
very long range missiles, etc. MS from a Carrier can't _afford_ to get
farther than eye-distance away from the carrier or they'll risk losing
contact with the mothership and not being able to respond when the
carrier gets attacked.
  In that sense, it explains why MS never seem to be employed as a
'screening force' ahead of the capitol shops.

> there's no advance visual warning then sneak attacks would be common in that
> scenario. Sort of like WWII carrier wars with scout planes and massed
> attacks coming with only a minute or so warning.

  Which is another reason why MSG battles so strongly resemble WWII

> > Well, there _ARE_ TV guided missiles and drones even _today_ so one must
> TV guided how, though? I mean, if they're sending images back to the fleet,


> which I assume are in their own cloud of M-particles, how is that band of
> waves getting through? And, once they enter the particle cloud of the

  No, they're self guided, not TV guided by the warships themselves. Think
"Tomahawk", not "Dragon" or "Frog". The technology is around and in use
_today_, it's hard to imagine why it's non-existant in Gundam.

> Ya, that does seem like a waste of space in the cockpit but maybe they
> didn't want to risk overloading their pilots' brains if there were a short
> or too much information (I'm retconning a reason here)?

  Come on man, VR goggles couldn't hurt anyone and they'd make MS cockpits
MUCH MUCH smaller, allowing much smaller Gundams!


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