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Mark-II writes,

>0079 - In the first G Novel, the Pegasus was part of the 13th Autonomous
>Unit: in formation, the Pegasus was preceeded by a flagship, the
>Magellan-class battleship Hal, and followed port and starboard by the
>Salamis-calss cruisers Cisco and Saphron. A sextet of those
>dorky-looking Public Attack Ships were deployed in a wedge formation
>around the (surprisingly two-dimensional) group.

  That's the novel, though. In the animation, the implication is that
battle fleets are groups of 25 or so; that's the approximate size of the
Federation's 3rd fleet that begins the attack on Solomon, the Russel fleet
that bum-rushes the back side of A Bao A Qu, and the Zeon fleet that tries
to hold it off.

>0083 - In episode 5, the Albion linked up with two Salamis-class
>cruisers which preceeded her in close formation.

  Meanwhile, the Delaz fleet consists of 15 or so ships (with an equal
number of supply ships), and Cima's group and the Axis advance fleet are
each about 8 ships. Technically, a group of four ships would constitute a
squadron, so Delaz's fleet probably constitutes a full-sized fleet (i.e.
four squadrons of four ships). Cima and the Axis advance fleet, on the
other hand, are a bit small to qualify as true fleets. All of these include
one flagship (Delaz's Gwaden, Cima's Lili Marlene, the Axis fleet's Gwaban)
and a whole lotta Musais, plus Pazock-class transports and Papua-class
supply ships.

>0087 - The Agama was accompanied my the Salamis-class Mont Blanc, and
>later by that Irish-class carrier. Typically, the escort (?) was
>preceeding the Agama far to port or starboard.

  And for the Jaburo attack, the AEUG fields seven Salamis-class cruisers,
the Ahgama and the Radish - a group of similar size to Cima's or the Axis
advance fleet.

>0093 - Can't remember, but the Lar Kaillum had a half dozen or so of
>those nifty Crap-class carriers around it.

  Only at the end. The regular Londo Bell force is just the Lar Kairam and
three Crap-class cruisers; the extra ships are stragglers from Luna Two.
Meanwhile, Char has the Reyullura and thirteen Musaka-class cruisers. He
later splits his fleet into two forces - the Reyullura and a couple of
escorts to capture Axis, and about ten Musakas to attack Luna Two - which
is similar to how Delaz splits his forces between a small flagship group to
escort the colony, and a larger cruiser force to attack Solomon.

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