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Paul Lampshire (
Mon, 4 Jan 1999 23:48:06 -0000

>If my remember was true, The Ingram was came out in 3 version. First is the
main 98 AV kit , the second is special transformable kit to No1,2 and 3 and
the last is the OVA version. The second has 1 body with 3 types of head and
2 types of shoulder. Be sure to check your box to firm what's your version.

<Sigh> In future I will kepp my mouth *shut*

1: The copyright on the box is 1993
2: The number on the box [in the triangle] is 9.
3. The box lid artwork is 3 views of the Ingram in reactive armour, which,
on closer inspection turn out to be #1, #2 and #3
4. There's a wholebuncha tech info also on the box lid.
5. In Blue, in the top right hand corner of the box are the words 'Headgear
presents Patlabor 2 the movie] with the Patlabor much bigger than the other
words and the 2 much bigger than the Patlabor.
6. The picture that's on the flip side of the instructions [and would make
an OK poster, IMO] includes character designs that are those from the movies
[Noa Izumi does not have such big eyes]
7. In big black letters [with red shadows] are the words 'Ingram Special'
and in smaller letters 'Shinohara AV-98 PATROL LABOR Variation Set'
8. The only pictures of the 'standard' Ingram [without the reactive armour]
are on the side of the box.

9. I've said it before and I'll say it again. *Next* time, I'll think to
check the *sides* of the box as well as the lid...

10. And, apart from the fact that I liked the look of the Ingram in reactive
armour, I really wanted a labor to stand next to my PG Gundam 'cause they're
to the same scale...
I'm actually pretty happy with it - although if anybody knows of a paint
that goes well on rubber I'd be grateful, it's just crying out for something
to bring out the detail in the rubber bits...


On a similar, but Gundam related topic - this MG GM kit - from what I hear
you need to buy [or have] an MG Gundam kit because it's not a kit in it's
own right, just a patch. Is this right? If it is, then it makes the GM 5500
Yen - now granted it's cheaper than the B-Club equivalent but even so...

And just how *big* is the G-Defensor anyway? My copy of Zeta Gundam is
borderline watchable - can't say what it'd do to the heads on my vcr though
: ( - and I'm not going to try and guess based on the SD version that I

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