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Joaquin Torres writes,

>That's more info than you can shake a stick at. A very large stick, at that!
>This post made me think of would be nice if someone (and I'm
>looking in your direction, Mr. Simmons...and/or the people)
>would devote some Web site space to ace pilot bios. I also thought about
>this when I assembled my Shin Matsunaga Zaku and realized that the only
>thing I could gather from his bio was that he apparently was under Dozul
>Zabi in the Battle of Ruum. Ridden, Matsunaga, the Black Trinary...not
>much. Maybe just key battles they were in, MS they piloted, etc.

  I'll be adding MSV pilot bios to the Gundam Project site soonish; in the
meantime, I've compiled a text file with ace bios, which I'll repost for
you later today.

-- Mark
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