Gundam Fleet Composition Examples

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Sorry, but capital space warships are a pet hobby of mine. ALMOST match
my love of Mobile Suits. :P

>Not in the SW books you can't and the rebels had their hospital frigate
>and I'm sure other non-combatant ships in ROTJ being attacked. In
>they tend to be more "real" than SW (the space colonies, the reliance
>maneuvering jets on mobile suits, etc.) that I would expect their
>to more closely follow a modern military grouping, one/two capital
>and a load of support ships, screening ships, etc.

So what sorts of specific fleet compositions have we seen? And How did
they work?

0079 - In the first G Novel, the Pegasus was part of the 13th Autonomous
Unit: in formation, the Pegasus was preceeded by a flagship, the
Magellan-class battleship Hal, and followed port and starboard by the
Salamis-calss cruisers Cisco and Saphron. A sextet of those
dorky-looking Public Attack Ships were deployed in a wedge formation
around the (surprisingly two-dimensional) group.

0079 - In the second novel, the 127th Autonomous had the Pegasus II,
followed this time by the Salamis-class Cypress and Greyden.

0083 - In episode 5, the Albion linked up with two Salamis-class
cruisers which preceeded her in close formation.

0083 - The large Lunar Fleet was commanded by a Magellan-class ship; the
Earth Orbital Fleet saw Basque Ohm blasting away from a piddly little
Salamis (and a freaking huge mirror). It's interestng to note that the
Lunar Fleet, when it ran out of fuel, had to sit and wait until it could
be resupplied by Columbus-class logistical transports.

0087 - The Agama was accompanied my the Salamis-class Mont Blanc, and
later by that Irish-class carrier. Typically, the escort (?) was
preceeding the Agama far to port or starboard.

0093 - Can't remember, but the Lar Kaillum had a half dozen or so of
those nifty Crap-class carriers around it.

0123 - Only interesting to note that there were no smallish fleets, but
a lot of single-ship actions; the Space Ark was on its own, and at least
three times we see Lar Kaillum-class carriers duking it out on their own

I neglect of course the other side of the particular conflict, but it's
often not as well defined as the Feds are, and tend to have fewer kinds
of ships. What examples can you guys think of? And what other examples
of Fed fleet compositions am I missing?


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