Re: (Gundam) XenoGears PSX game

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Mon, 4 Jan 1999 12:57:19 -0700 (MST)

> Quite a number of Gundams were never made into mass production units,
> especially in the later series. I don't know if the Zeta and ZZ were mass

  Well, the Zeta did get MPed as the "Zetaplus" and later, the "ReGZ", so
I would consider it at _least_ "Limited Mass Produced" if not
fully mass-produced.
  The ZZG supposedly spawned the FAZZ which should have been a production
MS (Nontransformable, the Gundam equivalent of the Armored Valkyrie I
guess), but then it got retoconned as a predecessor/prototype of the ZZG
(Shrug) so the ZZG went from being MPed to a simple 'late prototype'.

  The original Gundam was mass produced, as was the Gundam-79. The Alex
wasn't supposed to be MPed, but ALOT of GMs used components from it so it
kinda counts. The Zeta was MPed, the Mk.II was MPed, again, in the sense
that later GM-types used lots of its internal and external components. I
don't think any of the S-Gundams spawned prototypes. The Nu was a custom
MS so it doesn't count. I think the GMk.V led to the "Doven Wolf" or
something like that, so it kinda counts. Something in the F-90 line seems
to have led to the Jamesgun and Javelin so that counts... (Also the F-90s
seemed to have been MPed as is).
  Then all the V-Gundams were MPed, as was the GunEZ which was sort of a
low-end Gundam.

> produced, and I'm pretty certain the GP01 - GP03 never were. Begs the question

  No, though components of them did 'reappear' in later MS.

> really, if the Federation got a good thing going, why do they never seem to
> stick with it ? Is it a marketing ploy by Anaheim Electronics to keep getting
> money out of them by convincing them they really *do* need new Gundams ? :)

  It's also probably price. Alot of companies work that way, they make the
expensive prototype first, and then realize they need to cut corners to
come in under budget so you get a stripped down final product.

  But militaries are supposed to work the _other_ way around. In that
sense Gundam's military works more like a Japanese company than an
American Defense industry.

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