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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Mon, 4 Jan 1999 12:48:26 -0700 (MST)

> Also consider the difference between the written and animated stories in
> general in entertainment. I mean, the Empire Strikes Back book I'm certain
> mentions support ships in Vader's fleet. The movie only shows Star
> Destroyers. So the book sounds like a typical task force whereas the

  That's a good point.
  After all, it kinda ruins the 'dramatic feel' of anime to show a couple
Cap ships followed by scads of support, fuel and supply ships... it makes
it look like the Heroes have far more warships then they really do!

  And in defense of the anime/movies, you'd expect all support vessels to
'hang back' in a combat situation so naturally you'd never see them during
action/battle scenes. Ships would 'retreat' to the support line to be
  On the other hand, you'd expect the White Base and other ships to do
'end-run' attacks where they cut behind the Zion fleet and wipe out all
their fuel/supply ships instead of fighting the enemy head on. I don't
think this ever happens in Gundam, though we do see copious use of large
airships (On the Fed side at least) for resupply in the field.

> capital ships acting alone. Which one is "right", I wonder? Add to that

  Well, in SW one can always argue that SDs simply kick butt and are big
enough to carry "Submarine" levels of supplies for extended duty. In
Gundam I'm not sure you could say that.

> much farther the distance would stretch in space. Every task force,
> practically every ship in the Gundam universe would have to have mobile
> suits with them just to close on the other navy and/or defend against
> mobile suit attacks. And maybe not. I ain't no Gundam expert, that's for

  Yes and no.
  Space is big but M-Particle defenses make it so that you must close very
close to the enemy to detect/attack him. So in effect space becomes small
  As for every ship having MS, I think by the ZG era this does in fact
become the case. Even the silly Salamis destroyers get I think a single-MS

> sure, but what use would guided missle destroyers be in the Gundam universe
> if a simple spraying of M particles would render them immune to any
> radiation (IR, radar, etc.) guided weapon? What could they fire on, what

  Well, supposedly this is the reason for why there aren't alot of guided
missile weapons in Gundam, though if you see ZZG mecha like the Zzzzssa,
and some of those other Dougram-styled mecha one must wonder what's going
  After all, it seems that after a certain point guided missiles came back
into vogue, only to dissappear again after the CCA era. (Shrug) Who knows?

> could they lock onto? If it's visual then mobile suits sound like the
> best weapon at those distances to me.

  Well, there _ARE_ TV guided missiles and drones even _today_ so one must
wonder why they're not in use in Gundam. (Gundam came long before those
kinds of weapons, and it simply hasn't been updated since then. After
all, who can take these huge "IMAX" cockpits seriously when we have VR
technology today? In Gundam's time, a whole wraparound TV system must
have seemed way cool!).


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