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> >> > Neat touch! We don't even always see this in the anime, but it really
> >> >helps to answer the whole "Why do the Feds even BOTHER with cap-ships"
> >> Although it still doesn't explain why they're still knocking out
> >> ships that can't carry MS... ^_^
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> > Heh heh!
> > But one could _equally_ ask why the RL US bothers putting out anything
> >but Supercarriers!
> > Obviously one must not have a navy of just carriers, even though
> >aircraft would certainly play a major role in any major battle. But
> >long-term long-range support and patrol and other tasks like that will
> >always need Patrol Boats, Destroyers, Cruisers and other ships
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> D-oh! I should know that! You're right, of course. Time to reset
> my brain again... ^_^

Also consider the difference between the written and animated stories in
general in entertainment. I mean, the Empire Strikes Back book I'm certain
mentions support ships in Vader's fleet. The movie only shows Star
Destroyers. So the book sounds like a typical task force whereas the
movie makes it look like the WWII German Kriegsmarine with two or three
capital ships acting alone. Which one is "right", I wonder? Add to that
that modern naval tactics center around carriers because of the long range
distance of military encounters (this started in WWII) and think of how
much farther the distance would stretch in space. Every task force,
practically every ship in the Gundam universe would have to have mobile
suits with them just to close on the other navy and/or defend against
mobile suit attacks. And maybe not. I ain't no Gundam expert, that's for
sure, but what use would guided missle destroyers be in the Gundam universe
if a simple spraying of M particles would render them immune to any
radiation (IR, radar, etc.) guided weapon? What could they fire on, what
could they lock onto? If it's visual then mobile suits sound like the
best weapon at those distances to me.


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