Re: (Gundam) XenoGears PSX game
Mon, 4 Jan 1999 01:57:58 EST

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<< Hi-Zack!
 Hi-Nu Gundam, oh, look, here's our blue friend, Hi-Gog! >>

Does this mean I can Sue-Gog ? :P
<< Here's a thought, What Gundams were never made into GMs.
 After all, gundams are destined to become mass produced anyways right?
 So what about a S-Gundam booster unit GM? WROOOAAAAAAHHHOOHH!!! Fast!
                                 -HiZack- >>

Quite a number of Gundams were never made into mass production units,
especially in the later series. I don't know if the Zeta and ZZ were mass
produced, and I'm pretty certain the GP01 - GP03 never were. Begs the question
really, if the Federation got a good thing going, why do they never seem to
stick with it ? Is it a marketing ploy by Anaheim Electronics to keep getting
money out of them by convincing them they really *do* need new Gundams ? :)


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