Re: (Gundam) XenoGears PSX game

Ali Tavakoly (
Sun, 3 Jan 1999 21:38:13 -0800

> << << have you seen the super dimentional gear yet???
> peace,
> ali >>
> Nope, I just reacued Margie >>
> I have just rescued Margie last night and haven't played it anymore yet.
> Xeno gears look like they are made from almost all types of Mecha that
> ever exsited or will exist. There is aslo a Sand Crusier that can
> under the sand like its water! This Sand Crusier is cool, is there
> like this in Gundam?
yes. there are soem very cool designs. btw if you notice. there are tons of
star trek and star wars refrences and punns. as wellas one macross one(that
I saw) and eva one. and bunch of other refrences. the star trek and star
wars ones are prevelant. btw did you get the rock paper and sizoer badge
from th efirst town? well if you want to get somthign nice you need it.
this is why I restared the game once already:)

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