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>Date: Sun, 3 Jan 1999 16:17:53 -0800
>From: Edward Ju <>
>Subject: Re: What I've learned from Giren's Greed...
>>Playing as Giren? tsk tsk tsk Mark. I figure you of all people would
>>have jumped into Revelle's camp first chance you got. Perhaps you're
>>of those Zion spies sent to infiltrate the feddie otaku rank so as to
>>destroy them from within. Don't worry Mark, your secret is safe with
>Hehehe... you must be friend with Ben (
>Have you seen his Zion crest tattoo?

Not sure who you're talking about. I'm a guy from the "old generation"
of Gundam fans. I knew Mark and the ol' UC Herald guys from way back on
rec.arts.anime in its glory days.

>>I have to admit I have yet to muster the courage to start this game.
>>been sitting on my CD shelf for over a month. It seems so.. urgh..
>>complicated. Perhaps I'll start it after my Saturn gets fixed.
>It IS complicated. Most of the characters have restrictions regarding
>the type of MS/MA/tank/plane/cap ship they can control, and units have
>terrain restrictions and get bonus points when engaged in its proper
>terrain. I think I'm going to start a FAQ with charts and everything
in it!

Great.. I think I'm gonna need it.

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