Re: What I've learned from Giren's Greed...

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Sun, 03 Jan 1999 16:00:39 PST

>Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 14:38:30 -0800
>From: Mark Simmons <>
>Subject: Re: What I've learned from Giren's Greed...
>* And what cut scenes have you seen, anyway? So far I've been playing
>Giren, and I've seen the initial animation, the first drop operation,
>the capture of Odessa - all of which I managed to record on videotape,
>feeding the Saturn's video out through a VCR...

Playing as Giren? tsk tsk tsk Mark. I figure you of all people would
have jumped into Revelle's camp first chance you got. Perhaps you're one
of those Zion spies sent to infiltrate the feddie otaku rank so as to
destroy them from within. Don't worry Mark, your secret is safe with me

I have to admit I have yet to muster the courage to start this game. Its
been sitting on my CD shelf for over a month. It seems so.. urgh..
complicated. Perhaps I'll start it after my Saturn gets fixed.

Sieg Zion!


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