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Sun, 03 Jan 1999 13:02:30 PST

This is the place for such plugs! I mean, realy, I am so SICK of people
on all of the mailing lists that I'm on talking about nothing other than
weather or not what they are talking about is fit to talk about! I was
on this one list that was just for this one certain American comic book,
and the people on the list almost NEVER talked about the book! But far
worse than that is the Turbo Mailing List (for fans of PC-Engine and
Turbo-Graphix). The moderator will kick you off for no good reason. Oh,
your on AOL, or Hotmail? Bye! No, you didn't actualy do anything, I just
think you might.

The Gundam list is very good at maintaining a good ballence. Sure we
talk about ScopeDogs and what-not, but always with relevence to MSG.
This list, and the Miyazaki mailing list are the best lists I have ever
been on, I think it has to do with the average IQ...

Anyway, nice page, and keep up the good work! Many good web pages get
started, but few continue for long.

>I don't know if this is appropriate or not, but I'd like to announce my
>as well, its an alternative reality site with some designs, fiction and
>character profiles at:
>I'd love some feedback, and apologies if this isn't the place to put
>like this.
>Cheers all,

Chad Gombosi

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 first thing. For the weasel, Time is a weasel. For the hero,
 Time is heroic. For the whore, Time is just another trick.
If you're gentle, your Time is gentle. If you're in a hurry,
 Time flies. Time is a servant, if you are its master. Time
 is your god, if you are its dog. We are the creators of Time,
 the victims of Time, and the killers of Time. Time is timeless.
That's the second thing. You are the clock, Cassiel."

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