Re: Labor dispute (was Re: Christmas Present)

Paul Lampshire (
Sun, 3 Jan 1999 15:49:52 -0000

>>It's my fault for not examining the box closely enough. I thought I was
>>getting a kit of the Ingram from Patlabor 2 with the reactive armour on.
>>[It comes with a command car as well, which was nice]

>I just checked the box again recently and I am pretty sure the box did not
>say anything about the movie version of the 'labor. If anything, I think
>it said this was the Ingram from the TV series.

Different model. This is the one with the 'Ingram in reactive armour'
picture on the lid. Maybe I'm wrong, but did they use that anywhere other
in the second movie? The kit's number is 9, if that helps...

>>When I got it home I found it had a wholebuncha parts to make up the
>>standard Ingram. I hadn't expected that. [If I'd wanted to build it, I'd
>>have got that version instead] Then I read the instructions and [after
>>a quick part count] realised it was one or the other.
>Didn't they show you the 3 different types you can build on the side panel
>of the box?

They included one picture with reactive armour, and one standard. As I
said, It's my fault for not checking the box carefully enough. [If i'd have
seen the bit where it said it built *6* variants I might not have bothered.]

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