MG MS-06R kit (was Re: Christmas Present)

Edward Ju (
Sun, 3 Jan 1999 04:20:39 -0800

>They do include an extra set of skirts, for the 1A variant I imagine. If
>I had
>the money,time and skill, I would love to build a Black Trinary set, but I
>none of the
>above :) Also, there is an extra set of power cables and I think there
>are parts
>to build a whole backpack (for the F/J or S variants, I imagine).

Actually those are leftovers from the backpack and the legs. You will notice
that the R variant uses shorter cables on the legs and from the chest to the
backpack. The extras may make a complete set, though.

>No kidding! I started building the kit a couple of nights ago, and when
>the springs on the power cable 'skeleton', you effectively have a catapult.
>Thankfully, my wife cleared space on the table the next day so I wouldn't
>have that problem. I told you she was the best!

:) Sticking one end of the cable to something that can sit on the table
(something like Playdough) definitely worked for me.

>> What happened with the other half? Were those dry transfer decals?
>Dry transfer? I thought you soaked them in water for a bit and placed
>themon the
>model, like the old military kits I used to build. Did I screw up?

Don't remember for sure what kind of decals those were, I need to check on it,
but I think they might have been dry transfers.

>I didn't try the WD-40...I pretty much did what you do and leave it
>alone.Do you
>know if this is a problem with the Gelgoog kits? 1/60 Zaku...I'm
>keeping my fingers crossed.

The original 1/60 Zaku's monoeyes did not move at all. The rumored PG Zaku
still hasn't been confirmed as far as I know.

>I have mine holding the machine gun and heat hawk (which is thanfully no
>solid red). There are few MS quite as menacing as a well armed Zaku. Thanks
>for the comments and advice.

You're welcome!


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