[Model] Zaku Eyes

Lersak B. (lersak@ksc11.th.com)
Sun, 03 Jan 1999 11:38:59 +0700

Khyron Goh wrote:
> In November issue of Hobby Japan, the eyes of the Gouf was remodelled. Does anyone know what is the item being used for this remodel?

It's an accessories part from [WAVE] Option Systems, called "H-Eyes"
Basically a collection of various clear plastic parts, various colors &
sizes. (350 Yen for 9~10 pairs of UNT MS Triangular eyes, 11~12 Zeon
MonoEyes Lens)

> I noticed in the past, Zaku eyes have been remodelled to make it movable and it is always this same item being used. Can someone suggest some hints here.

1) carve a guiding rail on the face
2) put your MonoEyes [LED, H-Eyes, etc.] on its base (usu. a short
plastic pipe) and poke a stick on the back of the base
3) stab it to the guiding rail, if your skill is good, better put
PolyCap inside.
4) cover up with 0.3mm clear plastic sheet with thin spray of Smoke
Clear, or
try various materials like, Unused Negative Film, or Tint Film (if you
can manage to find Automobile Shops around your place)

for bigger scale and more fun, better study the mechanical & gears from
available MG Kits, and try Metal or Brass Gear pieces. It moves better.

Hope my lil knowledge will help.


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