Re: (Gundam) XenoGears PSX game

Ali Tavakoly (
Sat, 2 Jan 1999 11:28:09 -0800

> > I got Xenogears for Christmas and it is a great game. We need a Gundam
> >like this. I also got the PG Gundam and 08th MS Team Gouf Custom and
Zaku II,
> >and 1/144 Wing Gundam Custom. Is their any XenoGears model kits out? The
> >Gears are cool looking.
> Agree with you. The gear are looking cool but some of them are look like
some kind of gundam and other anime e.g. ryuginmaru from Wataru. And I wish
to see the model from this game too.
> >
have you seen the super dimentional gear yet???

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