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>> > Neat touch! We don't even always see this in the anime, but it really
>> >helps to answer the whole "Why do the Feds even BOTHER with cap-ships"
>> Although it still doesn't explain why they're still knocking out
>> ships that can't carry MS... ^_^
>> (the explanation according to the 0083 film comics is that Fed
>> High Command is very traditionally minded... )
> Heh heh!
> But one could _equally_ ask why the RL US bothers putting out anything
>but Supercarriers!
> Obviously one must not have a navy of just carriers, even though
>aircraft would certainly play a major role in any major battle. But
>long-term long-range support and patrol and other tasks like that will
>always need Patrol Boats, Destroyers, Cruisers and other ships, tasks that
>you don't want to commit your expensive, huge, and maintenance intensive
>carriers to!
> -Probe

Well, in the game, the Cap ships that cant carry Ms are still useful for
support fire on the enemy cap ships, the range of a cap ship is about 2-5
hexes, while an MS is 0-3 so ithey can be very useful....

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