Re: (Gundam) XenoGears PSX game

Jan Skipper (
Sun, 03 Jan 1999 02:17:53 -0500

Matt wrote:
> >> I got Xenogears for Christmas and it is a great game. We need a Gundam
> >> like this. I also got the PG Gundam and 08th MS Team Gouf Custom and
> Zaku
> >II, and 1/144 Wing Gundam Custom. Is their any XenoGears model kits out?
> The
> >> Xeno Gears are cool looking.
> >>

Weltall's like a cross between Kaiser fire and V2 Gundam.
Veirge's got the whole Nobel Gundam, Fei-Yen, hip plates from GP03 goin'
Steir is a Votom from Hell.
You could prolly sculpt Heimdal from a serpent custom (albeit a lot of
I don't know what the heck Renmazuo looks like...
Seibzen IS giant Robo
and If any of you see a Cresens resin kit out there, call me first!

as to red Weltall, good luck, your gonna need a whole lotta spikes and
eva parts.
I haven't seen Xenogears itself, but who knows?
But By far, the Elements Mecha, Must be made into a combining toy.

                           -or Xack- take your pick.

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