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Fri, 1 Jan 1999 23:42:57 EST

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<< No language, ixnay on the ansubs fay, and try to keep it
 Gundam-oriented, or related. Try not to confuse all the Marks, or go too
 far fawning over the G-Boys of Gundam Wing (there's a whole other ML for
 that). I think that's about it... >>

On the first, kick me if I sound stupid but...umm...whazza fansub ? :) On the
second, ok, on the third wasn't planning to :)

<< Yikes! You've got some wicked designs, lad! Your GM designs are
especially neat. Did you computer-paint those, or..? >>

All the designs and character portraits are computer painted, 'cos I can't use
colour on paper to save my life :) I'm trying to add designs at about the rate
of one a day, although that'll probably slow down soon. For some reason, I
tend to prefer GMs to Gundams, don't know why...

<< Anyhoo, welcome to the GML! >>

Ta mate :)


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