Re: Hello to all (err...and a site)

Mark Nguyen (
Fri, 01 Jan 1999 20:03:12 PST

>Hi all, newbie here, just subscribed to the mailing list. I don't know
>about the etiquette so if someone could let me know, I'd be very

No language, ixnay on the ansubs fay, and try to keep it
Gundam-oriented, or related. Try not to confuse all the Marks, or go too
far fawning over the G-Boys of Gundam Wing (there's a whole other ML for
that). I think that's about it...

>I don't know if this is appropriate or not, but I'd like to announce my
>as well, its an alternative reality site with some designs, fiction and
>character profiles at:
>I'd love some feedback, and apologies if this isn't the place to put
>like this.

Yikes! You've got some wicked designs, lad! Your GM designs are
especially neat. Did you computer-paint those, or..?

Anyhoo, welcome to the GML!


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