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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Fri, 1 Jan 1999 12:54:13 -0700 (MST)

> >looked like it lacked the detail-density of the GP-01... And the
> >shoulder-drop-off problem seemed pretty signficant to me!
> Yes on both counts. But doesn't it look _fab_?

  The man's got a point!
  Do the shoulders drop off 'normally' or only when the boosters are

> The MG kit manual, and some of the text in the PG manual, hew to the
> circa-1979 theory that the Gundam has several generators - one in each

  This is what I'd heard too...
  But on the other hand, is it necessarily true that all the 'generators'
are M-Fusion engines? Isn't it possible that there's just one heavily
shielded reactor and the rest of those 'generators' are merely electrical
generators or thermonuclear jet-turbine engines which are dependant on
the main reactor?
  I.e., could this be a case of simple terminology?

> leg, one in the pelvis, two in the Core Fighter (to run its jets), and

  Which can point towards my interpretation... i.e., that some of those
generators are just the thermonuclear jet turbine engines, not nessarily
the reactor itself... Hm!

> two in the backpack (to charge the beam sabers). But none of these are
> clearly shown in the internals of the MG and PG kits.

  Doesn't surprise me too much... but the CF's have always had two clearly
distinct engine nacelles... is there no 'technogarbage' inside the
core-block inside the nacelles that could be construed as an engine of
some sort?

> Meanwhile, the PG manual also shows a diagram of a single, large
> reactor that's located in the Gundam's back, between Core Block and

  That would be my first guess as to how the gundam generates power! One
central M-Reactor providing power to various turbine engines.

> backpack. Vents run from this reactor under the Gundam's arms to its
> chest, and out the back of the backpack, details which are replicated in

  Big air-cooling intakes and exhauts, cool!

> the kit. Since the Core Fighter generators supposedly account for just
> one-fifth of the Gundam's total power output, it seems plausible that

  Yeah, one must consider those APUs like on the Space Shuttle.

> this back reactor is the primary one, monopolizing the cooling vents and
> running the backpack thrusters and beam sabers.


> >pistons actually slide into each other then? Very cool! Where do the
> Yep, the pistons all slide (for $200, I should hope so!). The springs

 I hope they're ball jointed at their base (like with the Mk.II) so they
don't snap if you twist while they're extended!

> go in the calves, where they function as shock absorbers.

  Wow! Do they really 'absorb' force? I.e., if you squish the foot, will
the springs push it back into place?

> >Cool! I heard the legs are attached to the body wierdly?
> They're attached in exactly the same way as the shoulders, via a
> four-way hydraulic thingie.
  Sounds excellent!
  Any 'backup' for this interpretation from the anime though?

> > Is the Fang at all similar to its giant dragon-shield devices in EW?
> Not really. It doesn't extend or unfold, so it's basically a giant claw
> that flips over the hand.

  Hrrm. Well, it better look cool then! Heh! Sounds even simpler than the
original Fang!

> > Hey, these versions are supposed to be _weaker_ than the EW versions!
> >Can't he resist the urge to over-arm things?
> <grin>

  Heh heh heh! Any pics of these on the 'net yet?

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