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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Fri, 1 Jan 1999 09:20:27 -0700 (MST)

> Since the I-field barrier is more particle-intensive than the Minovski
> craft system, it's sort of a superset. Anything that has the barrier
> could easily be adapted to generate lift, but not vice versa.

  Ah, I see... that at least does make a kind of sense.
  And I can think of another I-Field MC MS, for example, the
V2-Assault-Gundam! The regular V2 doesn't have the I-Field but does have
MC, so presumably all the Assault version needed to add were those
particle emitters (?) on its shoulders!
  But apart from the Psychos, the '83 MAs, the V2s, some 1YW MAs, do we
ever see any 'production' MS with I-Fields or are they exclusively a "Main
Character" option only? GRIN.

> > Does this mean that the Dendrobium and New Zeal could have operated on
> >Earth, hovering around?
> With minor technical modifications, sure! And they could survive

  That would have been HILARIOUS to see! Can you imagine the big D trying
to maneuver Anime-style while flying through the air?

> re-entry (using the particle field to deflect the ionized air created by

  Good point! I hadn't thought of that! Similarly, we can expect the
V2-Assault to re-enter the atmosphere the same way.

> re-entry, a la White Base), as the Apsaras does in the Federation's
> simulation. Thus the Apsaras, Big Zam, Dendrobium and Neue Ziel could all

  The Feds do _know_ that the Asparas is ready and waiting on _Earth_
right? Or do they think that the Jions might be making more of them in
Space? (I mean, there's no point noting its inter-space capability if it's
already on your planet!)

> be used to attack ground bases by way of space.

  Big Sam over Tokyo... just picture that, breathing "Megaparticle" Flame
from its cannon while stomping buildings! (Mechanised Godzilla ROAR!)

> >it possible that the Big Sam project is a parallel project?
> The timing could work. The Apsaras I appears in mid-October, and is
> destroyed round November 9 (during the fall of Odessa) - though maybe
  Which episode is that in? (I remember Shiro damaging it and clinging to
it, but that really wasn't part of the Odessa attack right?) Or are you
saying it was destroyed by the Fed while they were invading the Odessa
base? (They should have used to to cover their retreat! And the Fed should
have tried to _capture_ it!)

> this repaired unit is now supposed to be the Apsaras II. The Apsaras III

  Is the AII still functional in 8MST or is it scrapped by the time the
AIII is ready?

> begins shortly afterward. The Big Zam isn't completed until mid-December,
> a month or more later.

  Hmmm... and given that in the Gundam universe, hard-working fiendish
scientists seem to be able to create multi-tonned customized giant
mechanoids in just a few short weeks, it's entirely possible that the Big
Sam is just the next MA in the Asparas series, eh? Maybe at the end of
8MST we'll see one of the (supposedly) assassinated Asparas scientists
fleeing to join Dozul! (One can wish)


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