Data Collection 8: F91
Thu, 31 Dec 1998 19:36:37 -0800

I made my last foray to Kinokuniya this year and picked up the Dengeki
Comics Data Collection 8: Mobile Suit Gundam F91 (1998.12.15, Mediaworks,
ISBN4-07-310150-1) 112 pages (64 color) for 880.

The first 64 pages of this A4 digest-sized book are the full-color Mechanic
Collection. This is followed by the 20-page MS Development History,
10-page Official Report (including a 3-page timeline), and 12-page
Character & Mechanic Design Collection (aka line art).

The most interesting thing about this book is not so much what is says
about the F91, but rather what is says about the rest of the Formula
series. Here, at last, we get the nitty-gritty on the F90! We finally get
to see the Oldsmobile Army RF mecha, in glorious living color. Aside to
Burke: The katakana for the OMS-14SRF Gelgoog reads "Shi-ya-ru-ru" not
"Shi-ya-a" so it can't be Char Type. There's a reference hear to an
"Oldsmobile Earth pilot" of that name, which might be something like
"Cheryl" or "Sharelle"....

I was a bit disappointed that there was nothing about the Crossbone Gundam
or any of that ilk, but not overly so -- there was nothing about Gundam
Sentinel in Data Collection 6: ZZ, either.

I'm still waiting for Data Collection 7: CCA to show up, just as I'm
waiting for Gundam The Movies VIII: 0080 Part 2. Distribution has really
sucked this year -- even though I've been riding herd on Asahiya all year
longs, things just keep falling through the cracks. Maybe 1999, the Year
Of The Gundam, will be different. I certainly hope so!


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