Re: PG Gundam Need Help

Mano Limvoraphun (
Thu, 31 Dec 1998 16:27:02 +0700

Phew! it little hard to say but I will try
    Look at your construction book page3 the first block you will see the 3 wire A,B & C and LED. In the picture you will see A&B is the contactor. The switch (Q10) is push leg of A to contact to B when it on. And the wire C is contact to wire A by using the LED leg and lead it to contact to - pole of battery and + pole is contact to leg of B wire.
    Now It's your job to do it yourself. Confirm wire A and C contact by LED leg all the time, check the other leg of LED contact to wire B and when you turn switch on, it push leg A and B contact together. Don't forget to firm the installation of battery

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