Re: Two Material Questions
Wed, 30 Dec 1998 19:38:59 -0800

At 01:51 12/31/98 +0100, you wrote:
>I didn't see the AnimeVillage versions (I don't
>live in North America, sorry) but what did they choose for these titles?

Here y'go:

1. Gundamjack
2. Endless Pursuit
3. Into Battle, Albion
4. Attack & Retreat On The Burning Sand
5. Gundam, To The Sea Of Stars
6. The Warrior Of Von Braun
7. With Shining Blue Fire
8. Conspiracy Sector
9. The Nightmare Of Solomon
10. Colliding War Zones
11. La Vie En Rose
12. Assault On The Point Of No Return
13. A Storm Raging Through

And the titles for Gundam 0080 are:

1: How Many Miles To The Battlefield
2: Reflections In A Brown Eye
3: And At The End Of The Rainbow?
4: Over The River & Through The Woods
5: Say It Ain't So, Bernie!
6: War In The Pocket


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