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Well..I'll take that as a go ahead on more tips..

Here's some more

1-Try to Level up the good heroes as soon as possible. While at first the
only thing that you benefit from having them is slightly higher HP, If you
level them up enough, the good ones will (BTW, the Zions have more of them)
starting doing more damage as well as dogding well over 3/4 of the incoming
fire. CAUTION!!! This doesn't mean that you can attempt to re-create Amuro
VS world Scen and expect to win. I tried ^_^. It was the NT-1 Alex (with
Amuro) against 18 Doms(two sep stacks of 9)..he did kill 4 I

2-YOU DONT HAVE TO FOLLOW THE STORY LINE!!!! If someone propses a plan, you
dont necc have to say yes. If Zion I reccomend saying no to most of them
unless you dont mind having less than a dozen pilots left (its amazing how
many Amuro Kills) while say no to the Amuro arc of the story line ONLY if
you need Amuro and the others
desperately. Following it will result in the death of 6 or so pilots of the
Zion inc Garma you'll also get the Battle computer upgrade for the GMs.

3-dont waste time reseraching units you know you never use. you'll need
ALOT of money if you want to start work researching the Ziong or the Gundam
Project (GP-01 and 02 in 0079? COOL!)

4-Basically it works out like this: The Feds get more money and materials
but in general lag behind the Zion while the Zions get about the same amount
of money but barely get any Materials so the MS that you can prodeuce will
be limited...maybe 2 groups at most a turn.

5-Zakus stop being using after the Zaku II's get replaced with the Doms,
Gouf's and the Dowaji(? all from memory).. dont use them until near the end
of the war with the muscualr looking ones start coming in with machine guns
that actually do damage!(forgot the name ...Zaku R ?)

6-Remember that recycling your units will get ALL your minerals back, just
no money so dont worry too much about building stuff.

7-Sell the Tank base for the Maggella Tanks if you decide to detach
them...they suck (6-8 damage I think it was) and you cant put them back
together again so think hard

8-theres a limit on how many different stacks can gang up on a unit (5).
since the unit can only fire back on one of them, try to limit the COM's
choice of retaliation. a good tactic to use is to have one crappy unit go
melee while the others pick them off with range attacks. However ONLY the
units that are being fired on have the close up attacks (Dash, Saber, Hawk,
etc). Also the units that are giving supporting fire tend to have lower
accuracy...dont know why.

9-Destroy HLV's before they have a chance to deploy their units. 1 full
stack of anything (pref 2) should do the trick.

10-thats bring to the biggest , cheapest trick in the game. Notice that
there are only about 10 or landing points in the game (to earth) note where
they fall and ALWAYS have a greeting party 9(^_^) to get them before they
come out. 3 full stacks of tanks/MS tend to work well. MS are better BTW

11-If you DO decide on liberateing all cites get a re-entry capable capital
ship and do it..


13-Early on startagy: Fed Build mainly Saber fishes, that bomber (Don
and tanks..nothing else (esp that piece of garbage Tin Cod). If Zion, Then
Mag Tanks all the way..with a Zaku II every now and then...


15-Remember that Staying inside ships will repair the units (upto the number
they have for example. if 3 goufs have a total of 180 and you lose one, the
new max is 120) and fuel

16-the Blue Destiny series IS VERY INEFFICIENT. It eats up Fuel and Ammo

17-If you manage to keep some of the Zion Chara's destined to die, Upgrade
their Trademark MS to something more Useful. for example, you dont want
Dozul to use that Zaku II Custom when he can have a Kempfner do you? This
also applies the 3 Black Stars(If all in same stack, they have their
trademark attack)

18-If you have a custom made MS for certain people, have them USE IT!!! They
get an extra bonus in most areas, esp HP.

19-Instead of attacking Island bases with Underwater MS, try to use regular
ones ferryed over by transports..unless youre Zion.

20-Some Gundam's REALLY SUCK. the worst one being the Gundam MA, followed
by the Gundam Prototype Model. I dont think the RX-79G can be considered a
real gundam since its the only model you can build multiples of( The only
thing I like about them is their multiple arm types)

21-Most MS' (Except GMs)have at least 2 types of arms. For example, the
Zakus can be equipped with either Bazookas or Machine Guns. Take the one
with the better acc/ damage. Note that you can only do this in Bases and in

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