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Mark Simmons (
Tue, 29 Dec 1998 18:34:00 -0800

Well, rats. I played Giren's Greed again last night, capturing Odessa,
New York and California and beginning the attack on Kilimanjaro, but the
only cut-scene I saw was the conquest-of-Odessa one with Ma Kube. To make
matters worse, it refuses to save games - says there's not enough memory
- so I'm limited to what I can accomplish in one sitting. I think I'll
give up and look for a sneaky way to get at those cut-scene movies...

Meanwhile, WooJin Lee writes:

>Monovski scattering makes all ships within radius invisble to the enemy
>unless they are relativly close...this is why you sometimes see enemy ships
>come out of nowhere.

  Ah, I see. That would explain those sneak attacks from Luna Two.

>This brings to some pointers that Im giving in hopes that you wont get the
>cease fire treaty that you get if you dont win in 150 turns..

  Great tips! Thanks, WooJin!

>1-Speed is every thing. Never drag out base sieges to more than half a
>dozen turns if that much. Also dont bother with taking back the cities from
>the enemy excpet for the ones closest tot he takes too much time.

  Though they do give you extra resources, useful for the cash-strapped
Zeons. I've been sending out little "expeditionary Zaku" parties to
capture unattended bases...

>3-DONT BOTHER WITH UNDERWATER MS!!!!! They have limited use only. If you
>need to take out a pesky Sub, use bombers or Long range MS

  Great for capturing coastal bases, though. But do the Zeons have any
anti-submarine bombers? I don't think the Dodai GA can attack submarines...

>5-RX-79G are too expensive. dont buy.

  I can tell which side _you've_ been playing. <grin>

>8-Stay on the supply lines of at all possible, you'll conserve fuel and ammo

  How right you are!

Djallel Zouita writes,

>I remember you get a lot of them at some point in the game with the
>Zeons: from the time Jabrow is Fed's last stand, if you did things
>"correctly", Delaz and Gato will come to see you to suggest a second
>Operation British (note that Jabrow will never be the same after this)
>and a few turns later, you'll get the possibility for Giren to make a
>speech and on the next turn, it will be Char's turn to make a speech in
>Granada... (I don't know if there's any relation between these 3 events
>but I got them in that order). After beating the Feds and Char, you can
>play as Char and the Story looks more like the novels (Kusko Al and
>Marion Welsh can be found among your pilots). Well, sorry for the blocky
>info but if that can be of any help...

  Yep, that's one of the three secret factions - Char's Neo Zeon, which
throws in some characters and mecha from the novels, including Char's
beam bazooka-toting Rick Dom. Later on, you can build Char his own
Gundam, too!

>Last thing: did you put the game CD in a CD player? If you didn't, you
>should try, you won't be disappointed :-)

  Yep, that's pretty cute. :-)

-- Mark

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