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Mark Simmons (
Tue, 29 Dec 1998 18:23:09 -0800

Probe writes,

> But it makes you kind of wonder why the reverse isn't true! After all,
>shouldn't the WB then have an I-Field?

  Since the I-field barrier is more particle-intensive than the Minovski
craft system, it's sort of a superset. Anything that has the barrier
could easily be adapted to generate lift, but not vice versa.

> Does this mean that the Dendrobium and New Zeal could have operated on
>Earth, hovering around?

  With minor technical modifications, sure! And they could survive
re-entry (using the particle field to deflect the ionized air created by
re-entry, a la White Base), as the Apsaras does in the Federation's
simulation. Thus the Apsaras, Big Zam, Dendrobium and Neue Ziel could all
be used to attack ground bases by way of space.

> Hey, that does make alot of sense now that you mention it! (Have they
>gotten rid of the Zaku head on the Asparas II, BTW?) Is there enough
>_time_ in the timeline to have made the Big Sam after the Asparas, or is
>it possible that the Big Sam project is a parallel project?

  The timing could work. The Apsaras I appears in mid-October, and is
destroyed round November 9 (during the fall of Odessa) - though maybe
this repaired unit is now supposed to be the Apsaras II. The Apsaras III
presumably appears in mid- November, since the base's location was given
away by troops fleeing Odessa via aircraft, and the Federation attack
begins shortly afterward. The Big Zam isn't completed until mid-December,
a month or more later.

-- Mark

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