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Paul Lampshire (
Wed, 30 Dec 1998 00:44:46 -0000

>>I stand corrected. That doesn't make things better though. All it means
>>that you're a little bit closer to being able to make *two* complete
>>Oh, and I forgot, two sets of shoulders, [although you can only use
>>two sets of hands...Two shields, a few spare polycaps... *censored* why
>>couldn't they have included the extra parts to build two Ingrams?
> Did you pay for one kit or two? Was the box marked as it contains
>TWO Ingrams or one?

It's my fault for not examining the box closely enough. I thought I was
getting a kit of the Ingram from Patlabor 2 with the reactive armour on.
[It comes with a command car as well, which was nice]

When I got it home I found it had a wholebuncha parts to make up the
standard Ingram. I hadn't expected that. [If I'd wanted to build it, I'd
have got that version instead] Then I read the instructions and [after doing
a quick part count] realised it was one or the other.

Now, should I be happy that I have unexpected options, or miffed that I've
got *nearly* two kits in there? After all, those parts didn't come free.
[And they only have 25 parts in common]

To be honest, I'd rather it had come with just the parts for the reactive
armour version, but I'm being picky...

So, I guess what I'm saying is, it looks as if they were going to make it
contain two full sets of parts but decided not to. I'd have quite willingly
payed a bit more for the extra parts...

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