Re: Christmas Present

Paul Lampshire (
Mon, 28 Dec 1998 15:42:58 -0000

>This isn't my first MG kit (also have RX-78-2 and Z), but I have a few
>comments/questions that maybe some of you can address for me:

>3. I guess this is common sense, but I'm guessing that the extra parts
>in the kit are for making variations of the kit, such as the R1-A
>variant, or maybe even Dozul Zavi's model. Which reminds me...the kit
>has an extra set of shoulder armour parts for the right shoulder, but it
>doesn't contain extra spikes...what gives?

The worst one for this is the Patlabor 2 Ingram. It comes with enough parts
to build one and a half models. [2 complete sets of rubber parts, two
complete bodies but only one set of arms and legs oh and one head, but 3
sets of antennae]

>4. This is somewhat there any EASY way of building
>those power cables? If the kit didn't cost so much, I would've smashed
>the whole thing a half dozen times during building.

This is the main reason why I didn't get either of the two I missed. After
building the first one, I *swore* that I wouldn't buy another one. But the
effect is pretty good, and I expect they'll do something similar on the PG
version - though at least they won't be so fiddly...

>6. Finally, the mono-eye on my Zaku is kinda flaky. I seem to be able
>to move it in one direction with no problem, but moving it in the
>opposit direction results in some sticking. If I try forcing it, the
>gears jump and misalign. Is this a problem inherent with the Zaku kits,
>or did I just get a bum set of gears?

I think it's probably inherent, I've built two now, and they both were a bit
iffy in that respect.

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