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> I have a question to ask ? Is the Mobile suit Gundam the movie -
> '" last blitz of zion " the same as the 0083 stardust memory series ?
> and anybody who have or who knows where to get the
> romanji lyrics of the ending theme song from the movie
> called " True Shining " please e-mail me .

Last Blitz of Zion is the compilation movie created from the 0083 OAV.
Since the OAV runs 7 hours and the movie only 2, you know you've got some
serious problems with story compression here. In fact, LBoZ is really on
the last third or so of the OAV, minus the credits, with a voice-over by
Rei Sakuma (Nina Purpleton) to set up the story as an extended flashback.
This framing scene is new animation, but it doesn't make up for all the
cuts made elsewhere.

Gundam the Movies V (1997.11.10, Asahiya Shuppan, ISBN4-7511-0112-9) is the
film comic of LBoZ, while the 13-issue Sunrise Animation Film Comics series
from Viz is the film comic of the OAV. The two are *very* different!


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