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Tue, 29 Dec 1998 04:47:25 +0100

Mark Simmons wrote:
> Eddie writes,
> > Yeap, and the most addicting one I've played so far!
> ...confirming that he's played it. :-)
> So, if you'll permit the digression, I'd like to ask a couple of questions...
> * What functions dom Minovski scattering and supply ships play in the game?
Aren't they supposed to give MSs an edge (while plane and that kind of
machines are really weakened) ?

> * Can you confirm that you only see the cut scenes if you complete the
> operation on schedule?

I don't think that's how things work: after you decided the beginning of
an operation, you're given a deadline (like 5 turns), if you manage to
capture the target base in that amount of time, you'll get more "points"
(I think there's some score in the game even though you can't access
it). As for cut scenes, I don't think there's a cut scene for each
I remember you get a lot of them at some point in the game with the
Zeons: from the time Jabrow is Fed's last stand, if you did things
"correctly", Delaz and Gato will come to see you to suggest a second
Operation British (note that Jabrow will never be the same after this)
and a few turns later, you'll get the possibility for Giren to make a
speech and on the next turn, it will be Char's turn to make a speech in
Granada... (I don't know if there's any relation between these 3 events
but I got them in that order). After beating the Feds and Char, you can
play as Char and the Story looks more like the novels (Kusko Al and
Marion Welsh can be found among your pilots). Well, sorry for the blocky
info but if that can be of any help...

Last thing: did you put the game CD in a CD player? If you didn't, you
should try, you won't be disappointed :-)

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