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>Eddie writes,
>> Yeap, and the most addicting one I've played so far!
> ...confirming that he's played it. :-)
> So, if you'll permit the digression, I'd like to ask a couple of
>* What functions dom Minovski scattering and supply ships play in the game?

Monovski scattering makes all ships within radius invisble to the enemy
unless they are relativly close...this is why you sometimes see enemy ships
come out of nowhere.

as for supply ships...I'm assuming you get some fuel/ammo back every turn
even if you dont dock on the ship but Im only guessing.
>* Can you confirm that you only see the cut scenes if you complete the
>operation on schedule?
>* And what cut scenes have you seen, anyway? So far I've been playing as
>Giren, and I've seen the initial animation, the first drop operation, and
>the capture of Odessa - all of which I managed to record on videotape, by
>feeding the Saturn's video out through a VCR...
>-- Mark

* 1 question: Is this game possible to beat????

I played 4 full games 2x Fed, 2x Zion and I NEVER WON!!! I once got really
close but I couldn't take over granada in time ....DAMN YOU JION ME!

This brings to some pointers that Im giving in hopes that you wont get the
cease fire treaty that you get if you dont win in 150 turns..

1-Speed is every thing. Never drag out base sieges to more than half a
dozen turns if that much. Also dont bother with taking back the cities from
the enemy excpet for the ones closest tot he takes too much time.

2-If Fed, build lots of GM snipers..they're the only ones that cancel the
Zion advantage in MS's ...that and the Gundams. Also use 3 full groups of
61mm Tanks as base defense for the ones that the enemy usually dont attack
and have 3 full groups of MS for the most important ones (Lunar 2, Jaburo,

3-DONT BOTHER WITH UNDERWATER MS!!!!! They have limited use only. If you
need to take out a pesky Sub, use bombers or Long range MS

4-Remember that not all MS can go to space and Viceversa

5-RX-79G are too expensive. dont buy.

6-only give heroes units that comes in ones (Customs GMs, Gundam, Ziong,
etc) other wise you're actually making the units weaker!

7-If Zion, use tons of Magella Tanks...also dont build the Zaku I's they

8-Stay on the supply lines of at all possible, you'll conserve fuel and ammo

9-When attacking bases, use Transports or Pegasus class ships so you'll get
there faster and have a supply center when you need it,.

10-Dont bother researching enemy info unless you HAVE TO! you dont have the
money to waste on that.

11-When researching...if you're going for Cost effectiveness(not speed) go
cheap until it gets near 90% then choose the most expensive one. Trust me
you'll save a lot of money this way.

12- Stop Researching Conventional Units and MA if you're Fed on Lev'll never get anything worthwhile...

thats it for now..if you need more help, I'll post some more tips

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