Re: How can fansubs survive? (was: OT: D&R/End of EVA)

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Mon, 28 Dec 1998 18:25:47 -0500

>There are those pricks at comic shows (esspecialy in the Midwest) that
>charge up tp $20 for a 10th generation fan-sub that they got for free,
>but these people are just pricks. If you know the actualy fan-subbers,
>and you give a small donation once in a while, they don't cost much at

Oh, I know all about these jackasses. I got bit by a few of them a few
back before I found out about fansubs. I bought a subbed copy of CCA and
all of 0083 from one of these guys for $20 a tape. When I look back at
matter, I still get pissed about it.
Now, I'm just saving enough money so that I can get an official copy from

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