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Eddie writes,

> No idea... maybe increase the "luck" and defense of your suits
>if engaged in combat? In fact I did not even know there were Minovski
>particle ships in the game. What does its icon look like?

  Capital ships can scatter the particles... I think it's listed under
special functions, the same place where the command to separate the Komusai
capsule is listed (handy feature, that!).

> I am not sure if they actually tell you "You have X turns to
>accomplish this operation" but I did see the cut scene for the commencement
>of the North America landing/invasion. BTW, do you still have the URL
>where I can download the software that allows you to view the cutscenes on
>a PC? I just bought a new PC and would like to give it another try.

  When you begin an operation, it promises you bonus points if you complete
it within five turns. But maybe the North American operation only has a
starting cut scene... I may have missed it.

  As for the download info... it's archived on the mailing list host at
<>. What a handy resource! :-)

> I saw the first two but not the capture of Odessa. :( The feds
>had the number advantage and their technological development seems like it
>was put on a speeded-up cycle. I never expected plain vanilla GMs to be
>THIS powerful!

  Hm. The furthest I've played is to turn 30, at which point the Feds still
had no GMs (but, having failed three times to capture Odessa, I figured it
was time to start over).

  At the risk of turning this into a strategy session, I've decided the
best option is to throw all your HLVs at Odessa to start with, seize the
base, and then dig in in Eastern Europe while prepping the North American
wave. I'm still refining the strategy, and next time through I think I'll
try sending the North American force on a slow boat from Granada, relying
on the Solomon forces to prevent interference from the Luna Two garrison.
You can still throw in a few aces at the last minute by packing 'em into
Komusai capsules and dropping them along with the plebe-stuffed HLVs...

  In the meantime, it's just plain fun watching Dozul and Shin Matsunaga
run up to Federation battleships and whack 'em with heat hawks!

Oh, and one other observation about the game. Since it lets you surround
enemy forces from three or four adjacent hexes, catching 'em in a
nicely-animated crossfire, you often get the impression that your
foreground forces are taking out the enemy singlehanded when in fact a
whole mob are dealing out damage. This could provide a great explanation
for the One Year War's inflated victory counts - multiple pilots strafe an
enemy at once, and they all assume _they_ scored the kill, since it's hard
to spot the fire coming in from other directions. Nifty!

-- Mark
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