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Edward Ju (
Mon, 28 Dec 1998 14:24:57 -0800

>On Mon, 28 Dec 1998, Mark Simmons wrote:
>> Having stayed up all night playing the One Year War simulation Giren's
>> Greed (thanks, James!) on a loaner Saturn (thanks, Toshi!), I thought I'd
>Hey cool! Is it available on Windoze machines? When I was in Tokyo, I
>saw a bunch of Gundam games for all kinds of platforms, even including
>English Win95/98. But it seems they are all in Japanese (duh!) so I
>didn't touch any. Can anyone do a little overview of the available Gundam
>games? (especially if there're any that are playable by English/Chinese
>speakers on Win95 machines)

Currently I am only aware of 2 Gundam games that run on Winblows:

- Gundam 0079: War for Earth: a Dragon's Lair style FMV "click the right
  button at the right time or restart all over again" kind of "game" (to
  use the term loosely). The CGI FMV looked cool and all, but as a game
  it blows. Originally developed for the Mac but first released as a PSX
  game in Japan, then as a Mac/Wintel hybrid CD-ROM in the US, distributed
  by Bandai Digital Entertainment of America. Apparently they did not put
  in too much effort to market and distribute the game so they ended up
  giving away free copies when launched.

- Gundam Tactics: Mobility Fleet: similar to the F91 SFC game, mission-based
  and turn-based strategy game, like Giren's Greed, it allows you to play
  either side of the conflict. Set in the 0079 period, you command either
  a EMF or Zion fleet and your suits start from the bottom floor (GMs or
  Zaku IIs) and work your way up to the good stuff (Gundam w/ Dash option,
  kind of like the G-Armor add-on or a scaled-down Dendrobium; or the
  more advanced Zeon suits like 06R Zaku II, Dom & Gelgoog, etc. with the
  ultimate weapon being a new MA, IIRC). This game was developed for the
  Pippin (works on PowerPC-based Macs too) and was later ported to the
  Wintel platform. It may not run on Win95 systems but should run on Win98
  systems if its OS requirements are the same as Gundam Virtual Modeler Light.

The other Gundam games were all developed for the consoles and as far as I
know none has ever been ported to another system. If a game came out on
Saturn, it doesn't get ported to the PSX and vice versa.

>BTW, I did see the demo movie for "Gundam 0079 The War For Earth" but I
>still don't know what kind of game it is. With a Gundam torso on the
>Guntank base, how horrid!

        It's a good thing they did not do the 2 planned sequels (this game
is basically patterned after the plot of the 1st movie).

>> can promote him too). This forces the character to spend a few turns out
>> of action, i.e. training on the new hardware. Vehicles can also be
>Excuse me for being dumb, so this is a turn-based strategy game right?

        Yeap, and the most addicting one I've played so far!


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