Re: which GM is better? 0080 or 08th MS Team?

Mark Kuettner (
Mon, 28 Dec 1998 07:39:33 PST

>>> The HardyGun was one of the best sellers when Pony was still
>>Hey, it is still one of my favorite models. I have a standard one, and
>>have one that I heavily modified.
> Same here, it is one of my fave GM variants. Got enough of a modern
>look and detailed enough not to look like a toy like the OYW GMs, and
>back-mounted cannon definitely rocks! I also have 2 built ones
>around with difference poses, but I kept their appearance the same for
>"squad" look.
> Eddie

The shoulders on the Hardygun look undone to me. It looks like the
extending piece on it needs something more; I like the Heavygun a lot
better. All the x-tra details seem trivial, too.

Mark Kai

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