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miki (kirei@cyberway.com.sg)
Mon, 28 Dec 1998 21:48:32 +0800

Hi !
      I have a question to ask ? Is the Mobile suit Gundam the movie -
      '" last blitz of zion " the same as the 0083 stardust memory series ?
      and anybody who have or who knows where to get the
      romanji lyrics of the ending theme song from the movie
      called " True Shining " please e-mail me .

                                                        Thankyou very much .
                                                                miki .

At 01:26 PM 12/22/98 -0800, Mark Kuettner wrote:
>>Look at the beam saber, OH NO!!!! It looks like a flurescent light
>>WHAT A DISGRACE!!! I don't care if it lights up, it looks... LAME!
>Well, at least the model will be functional as it makes a good reading
>light! All that cash, it better do SOMETHING besides sit there!!
>Reminds me of all those great Star Wars gimmicks...Darth Vader tooth-
>brush, Yoda underoos, Princess Leia training bra...
>Now we have the Gundam Nite-Lite!!!!
>Mark Kai
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