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On Sun, 27 Dec 1998, Edward Ju wrote:
> On Sun, 27 Dec 1998, Joaquin Torres wrote:
> >6. Finally, the mono-eye on my Zaku is kinda flaky. I seem to be able

It's fun reading your experience with Zaku. I wish more people would talk
about their beef/joy with the models. Is there any light for the mono-eye
of MG Zaku?

On X'mas day I did my first interesting modification of a model kit: I put
a red LED in the mono-eye of Zugock E (MSM-07E). It's particularly easy
since Zugock has no head. To make it even easier, I chose to use an
external power source, 2 wires run out from under the skirt-armor and
connects to a switch and battery. The wires I used are only 0.1 mm thick,
so it doesn't interfere with the look of the model much. And if I am not
lighting it up, I can coil up the wires and hide them under the skirt.
Also everything inside the MS is feather-weight (LED, resistor, wires) so
the balance of the model is not affected. If I were to use lithium
batteries, I'd have to be very careful with their placement.

I did fantasize about running the wires down through the legs into the
foot and connect to a coil which can inductively couple to a coil outside
the foot. That way I can power the mono-eye without ANY visible wire or
connector. Arrg. Too much work. :)

Another silly idea: put an infra-red LED in a Zaku's mono-eye and use that
as a TV remote control. :)

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