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Joaquin Torres (
Sun, 27 Dec 1998 21:11:49 -0500

Edward Ju wrote:

> No kidding! :) My girlfriend bought me the PG Gundam Custom Set
> #1 option for Xmas and the sales clerk at Legends (hi Ben!) asked if she
> has a sister, since he wanted a girlfriend who'd buy him kits!

The only way I can get a PG kit is to order it, and I wouldn't want to give
mywife the hassle of converting yen rates, international money orders, etc.

> Hate to admit it, but the R-type Zaku IIs are basically an after-
> thought and was not considered to be made into plastic injection kits until
> the resin modify kit's sales were off the charts that convinced Bandai they
> should make the whole thing a plastic kit. Bandai tried to recycle as much
> of the MS-06S mold as they could and as a result you get some parts molded
> in totally inappropriate, off-the-wall colors. The MS-06R-2A Johnny Ridden
> suit suffered less by comparison.

I kinda figured that...there was a part of a red backpack right next to the heat
hawkon the tree.

> Doubtful. :( Maybe the R1-A if they gave you an extra, smooth-
> surface right shoulder part and an extra pair of front skirt armor, but
> definitely no parts were included for a Dozul Zavi variant. The DZ
> modification parts may come out as a plastic injection "upgrade option"
> in 1999 though.

Well, if Bandai would have provided extra shoulder spikes, a talented modeler
(ie, someone other than myself) could make the DZ variant.

> You will notice the MG MS-06R1 kit was based on the MS-06S mold,
> as a result of recycling the mold, a lot of parts were included that were
> intended for the MS-06S (Char's suit) but would not have been needed for
> the MS-06R1 Shin Matsunaga suit. Anyway, as a result of recycled molds, you
> get these extra parts gratis and if they even throw in the "extra" pair
> of front skirt armor that were used by the S variant, then you now have
> the option of building the 1A Black Trinary variant.

They do include an extra set of skirts, for the 1A variant I imagine. If I had
the money,time and skill, I would love to build a Black Trinary set, but I have
none of the
above :) Also, there is an extra set of power cables and I think there are parts

to build a whole backpack (for the F/J or S variants, I imagine).

> The conductive cables are the worst part of the MG Zaku kit. What
> I found to work the best is to find something like Playdough or even
> styrofoam and stick one end of the inner cable's point end into the dough
> or foam and keep the other end point up to avoid the pieces from coming
> loose. WORK IN AN OPEN AREA WITHOUT A CLEAN FLOOR! Should any of the
> tube pieces become loose and drop to the floor, you may never find it again
> if the work area is somewhat messy!

No kidding! I started building the kit a couple of nights ago, and when youhave
the springs on the power cable 'skeleton', you effectively have a catapult.
Thankfully, my wife cleared space on the table the next day so I wouldn't
have that problem. I told you she was the best!

> What happened with the other half? Were those dry transfer decals?

Dry transfer? I thought you soaked them in water for a bit and placed themon the
model, like the old military kits I used to build. Did I screw up?

> I have the same problem too, and this is probably a direct result
> of the small size of the gears inside. If this were a 1/60 kit then we
> shouldn't have this problem. Have you tried using a little WD-40?

> If they were a bum set of gears then that makes the two of us. I
> have resisted playing with the mono-eye so it would stay centered. I think
> if you move them a wee bit to the sides the gears will stay aligned but the
> design obviously did not include a self-restraining mechanism that would
> prevent the gears from misaligning if pushed way to the side.

I didn't try the WD-40...I pretty much did what you do and leave it alone.Do you
know if this is a problem with the Gelgoog kits? 1/60 Zaku...I'm
keeping my fingers crossed.

> Hehehe... I have my R-2A guarding mine, with bazooka in one hand
> and the machine gun in the other, John Woo style!
> Eddie

I have mine holding the machine gun and heat hawk (which is thanfully no longer
solid red). There are few MS quite as menacing as a well armed Zaku. Thanks
for the comments and advice.

My two yen,

Joaquin Torres

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