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Edward Ju (
Sun, 27 Dec 1998 15:39:17 -0800

>Hello all,
>My wife got me an MG MS-06R1 Shin Matsunaga Zaku II for Christmas! Once
>again proving that I have the best wife in the world.

        No kidding! :) My girlfriend bought me the PG Gundam Custom Set
#1 option for Xmas and the sales clerk at Legends (hi Ben!) asked if she
has a sister, since he wanted a girlfriend who'd buy him kits!

>This isn't my first MG kit (also have RX-78-2 and Z), but I have a few
>comments/questions that maybe some of you can address for me:
>1. Is it me, or does it seem like the instructions left out a couple of
>parts? From what I can tell, it seems like the manual neglected a
>couple of verniers. Maybe Bandai uses the same manual for the Zaku
>line, with additions and modifications according to the model.

        Basically, yes. You will also notice that the shield is quite
different between the R versions' and the F/J/S version's.

>2. Why the heck is the heat hawk molded in RED? I'm not much of a
>painter (which is why I like the MG line so much), so I can't understand
>why the heat hawk is solid RED. I eventually ended up painting the thing
>so it would look halfway decent, but RED?!

        Hate to admit it, but the R-type Zaku IIs are basically an after-
thought and was not considered to be made into plastic injection kits until
the resin modify kit's sales were off the charts that convinced Bandai they
should make the whole thing a plastic kit. Bandai tried to recycle as much
of the MS-06S mold as they could and as a result you get some parts molded
in totally inappropriate, off-the-wall colors. The MS-06R-2A Johnny Ridden
suit suffered less by comparison.

>3. I guess this is common sense, but I'm guessing that the extra parts
>in the kit are for making variations of the kit, such as the R1-A
>variant, or maybe even Dozul Zavi's model.

        Doubtful. :( Maybe the R1-A if they gave you an extra, smooth-
surface right shoulder part and an extra pair of front skirt armor, but
definitely no parts were included for a Dozul Zavi variant. The DZ
modification parts may come out as a plastic injection "upgrade option"
in 1999 though.

>Which reminds me...the kit
>has an extra set of shoulder armour parts for the right shoulder, but it
>doesn't contain extra spikes...what gives?

        You will notice the MG MS-06R1 kit was based on the MS-06S mold,
as a result of recycling the mold, a lot of parts were included that were
intended for the MS-06S (Char's suit) but would not have been needed for
the MS-06R1 Shin Matsunaga suit. First thing to go is the backpack, then
parts of the legs were also gone. You will also notice the two frontal
skirt armor is also different on the R1 (compared to the S), plus the
front piece of the right shoulder (the one that sports the shield). If
you have access to a recent Bandai kit catalog or the MS-06S kit itself,
compare and see for yourself. Anyway, as a result of recycled molds, you
get these extra parts gratis and if they even throw in the "extra" pair
of front skirt armor that were used by the S variant, then you now have
the option of building the 1A Black Trinary variant.

>4. This is somewhat there any EASY way of building
>those power cables? If the kit didn't cost so much, I would've smashed
>the whole thing a half dozen times during building.

        The conductive cables are the worst part of the MG Zaku kit. What
I found to work the best is to find something like Playdough or even
styrofoam and stick one end of the inner cable's point end into the dough
or foam and keep the other end point up to avoid the pieces from coming
tube pieces become loose and drop to the floor, you may never find it again
if the work area is somewhat messy!

>5. Is there any easy way to get those decals on? I ruined half the set
>because only half of the design would transfer.

        What happened with the other half? Were those dry transfer decals?

>6. Finally, the mono-eye on my Zaku is kinda flaky. I seem to be able
>to move it in one direction with no problem, but moving it in the
>opposit direction results in some sticking.

        I have the same problem too, and this is probably a direct result
of the small size of the gears inside. If this were a 1/60 kit then we
shouldn't have this problem. Have you tried using a little WD-40?

>If I try forcing it, the
>gears jump and misalign. Is this a problem inherent with the Zaku kits,
>or did I just get a bum set of gears?

        If they were a bum set of gears then that makes the two of us. I
have resisted playing with the mono-eye so it would stay centered. I think
if you move them a wee bit to the sides the gears will stay aligned but the
design obviously did not include a self-restraining mechanism that would
prevent the gears from misaligning if pushed way to the side.

>Well the kit is done and it looks NICE. I'm glad I got this instead of
>the MS-14S or regular Zaku. It's sitting on my desk guarding my
>computer. Feel free to respond to my comments and questions...I'm
>interested in hearing your opinions.

        Hehehe... I have my R-2A guarding mine, with bazooka in one hand
and the machine gun in the other, John Woo style!


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