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One of the more consistant thing about the plot of Gundam is the
location of where the story take place. Most of the Gundam I know
about will have a somewhat extended portion of the story taking place
in space, and some on Earth. The only 2 exception that I can think
of are Char's Counterattack and F91. Yes, there are some fleeting
shots of Federation HQ being destroyed on Earth, but for the most
part, all of the main characters didn't go to Earth. And as far as I
know, all of the action in F91 took place in Frontier Side.

The rest of the series: Gundam started in Side 7, onto Luna 2, did a
fairly long journey from North America to friendly port on Earth
before being shipped back to space to join the final battle. I have
only watch the first 4 episodes of Zeta Gundam, and I haven't seen ZZ
Gundam at all, but I understand that my original observation still
held true. I will also not comment on Victory Gundam, since I
haven't seen it yet.

The OAVs both started on Earth. In 0080, it started in Federation
Artic base before moving onto and staying at Side 6. In 0083, it
started on Australia, onto Africa, and then the rest of the story
took place in space.

Of the Alternative Universe, I have only seen Wing Gundam and its
OAV. Wing started on Earth, moving onto Space after Oz overthrow the
Alliance, and Lady Ude turn the colony against the G-Boys, the story
moved back into space and back and forth between Earth and the Moon.

In Endless Waltz, the present story is a lot more straight forward,
it started on Colony cluster 3, and Earth. The background stories, I
believe all took place in Space.

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