Re: Nadesico Homage To Gundam?

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> I just picked up the OST to Nadesico (from Kinokuniya, since this was one
> of the CDs on which UCI Anime defaulted) and was surprised to see that
> Track 8 is not only titled Ima ha Oyasumite (Now, Take A Rest) but is
> spelled out in hiragana rather than kanji, just like the song from the
> original Gundam TV series sung by Keiko Toda (Matilda Adjan)....

There are a couple more bits of homage, such as the Japanese title itself.
Which directly translates to Mobile Battleship Nadesico, which in itself
is kind of excessive, what kind of battleship isn't mobile? The English
title Martian Sucessor Nadesico sort of loose the joke.

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