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Chris Beilby (
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 21:48:18 -0800 wrote:

> Well, it was great while it lasted, but UCI Anime has apparently gone the
> way of other online services and gotten too big for its britches. I don't
> expect it to last much longer the way it's going.
> It's a real shame, too, because I think I've just about doubled my
> collection of anime soudtracks through orders from UCI Anime over the last
> few years.
> In the not-so-distant past, UCI Anime was the best place to get anime CDs,
> bar none. Quick service, low prices and tons of titles. Best of all, they
> used to give terrific feedback, confirming your order immediately, telling
> you what was in stock and what had to be special-ordered, with an estimate
> of how long that would take and a *request* as to whether to proceed or not.
> No more.
> The first signs of trouble cam toward the end of November, when UCI Anime
> became incommunicado. You could get to the "door" but, when you clicked
> for entry, the browser went off into the weeds until it finally timed out.
> This went on for a couple of *weeks* before things returned to normal.
> Or, at least, it *looked* like normal.
> As soon as UCI Anime's "door" opened again, I went through the entire
> database (I usually just search on keywords like GUNDAM) and found five
> items, including a gem I'd thought long out of print (Area 88 Image Album).
> I placed my order per usual, but didn't get the usual immediate feedback.
> A few days later, I got the expected feedback e-mail, but it only listed
> two of the five titles and offered no explanation of their status, as in
> the past.
> The two CDs arrived a week or so later. So far so good, but still no word
> on the other three. I e-mailed a request for a status report -- something
> I'd never had to do before -- and waited. Three days later I got an e-mail
> telling me that UCI Anime no longer placed special orders with Japan and
> proffering a link to Tokyo Pop.
> I e-mailed back, explaining that I hadn't requested any special order and,
> in fact, hadn't been informed that the three items weren't in stock, much
> less in need of special order. I inquired further as to what happened to
> UCI Anime's old policies regarding customer notification, but that went
> into hyperspace -- the e-mail directing me to Tokyo Pop is the last
> communication I've received from UCI Anime.
> Needless to say, I'm removing the bookmark from my browser and will cast
> about for another source of anime CDs.
> -Z-

  Let me check on this one. I live really close to UC Irvine, and can find out
rather easily. Be advised that it might take them longer to process orders due
to school vacations...

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